Hazelwood is not just a school with a view; it’s a school with an outlook.  An outlook of a new Northern Ireland and proof that things are moving on. This is our 30th anniversary year and the college embodies the very essence of what we hope to achieve in a new Northern Ireland where all are valued and pushed to succeed.

Every child entering Hazelwood Integrated College in 2015 will have the opportunity to have not just a five-year, but a seven-year learning experience. Our ever changing curriculum guarantees every single student a Pathway to Success.

Kathleen O'Hare Principal Hazel Wood College

Principal: Kathleen O’Hare

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Alumni Quotes

Ambition's don't grow on tree's

Ambitions don't grow on trees, you have to grow them yourself. Hazelwood helps every step of the way with your future ambitions.”
- Shannen O'Reilly

The best!

Hazelwood's a great school, full of passionate teachers and friendly students!”
- Paul Wylie


Excellent school! Honoured to call myself a past pupil!”
- Stuart Irwin

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